Loves Park is a Mayor/Council form of government. The Mayor's office constitutes the executive branch of city government. Administrating and reviewing all city departments and functions; establishing city policy and it handles all executive functions authorized by city statutes.

The City Council is the legislative branch. By statute the Loves Park City Council reviews, prepares, and passes all city laws and ordinances that regulate the function and activities of city government. The city of Loves Park is divided by population into five ward districts with two council members elected from each ward.

Below is the Loves Park ward map. If you are not sure which district you are in or who your representative is; please contact Alderman Little's office. Clint or a staff member will respond with any information you may desire

Ward Map

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City offices

Alderman Little's Contact Info

Mayor's Office                                 815.654.5030
Clerk's Office                                   815.654.5034
Community Development            815.654.5033
Street Department                         815.654.5040
Water Department                         815.877.1421

District Info

Welcome to the District Information Page.  If you are not sure what ward you live in an interactive Ward Map is provided to the right.  You can also view other local  government maps providing services within Loves Park.  There are community links to help you stay involved and help provide you with information regarding our area. If you have any questions contact Alderman Little anytime.

Loves Park City Council

A Little History on Loves Park

Loves Park Today

Loves Park's population currently is about 24,000 residents.  We are a full service city served by our own Police and Fire Departments while we maintain a zero municipal property tax. We have three school districts that serve our residents; Harlem, Belvedere and the Rockford School District. Our city is located in two counties in Northern Illinois, Winnebago and Boone County. Loves Park neighbors Rockford to our South and Machesney Park to our North.  The Rock River holds Loves Park's Western boundary while our growth increase further to the East into Boone County.

Loves Park History 

The first record of ownership of the land that is now known as Loves Park show that 470 acres was originally purchased by widow strawn for $1,800. In 1877 she sold 236 acres to francis and Margaret Weldon who farmed their acreage and used a portion of it for outings of Rockfords Beefsteak Club. The Park became known as Love's Grove After 1901.  

In that year the Weldon family sold the farm to Melcome Love, a civic leader who once was an Alderman in Rockford.  Loves Park became a popular excursion destination for those cruising the Rock River. Love, his land purchase, and popular picnic grounds are symbolized in Loves Park's name today.  

Records show that the transition from farm land to residential lots began in 1909 when Love sold a tract which became Eastwood and Stockburger's first 95-lot subdivision. 

The 1920's roared in, bringing businesses and industry including a newspaper and a gas station.  The 20's crept away leaving behind financial problems.  As annexation to Rockford was resisted, the non-city took on more and more city attributes.  In 1927 and 1939 the community considered annexation to Rockford and again said no.  In the early 40's other concerns took precedence.  The city was ready for self-government and incorporated as the City of Loves Park in 1947.  By that time there was no question that the new city's name should be Love's Park... the only question was wether or not to use the apostrophe.  The voters decided to drop it... and Loves Park it became.