The lottery for the April 6, 2021 ballot position placement for City Clerk was held 10am December 29. Alderman Little who is a candidate for City Clerk participated since he and another Clerk candidate filed at the same time. As required by statute those filing at 8am for the same position on the first day of filing are required to hold a lottery to determine the order of the names placed on the ballot for election.

Alderman Little won the lottery and will have his name placed in first position on the April ballot for Loves Park City Clerk. Thank you to all the residents for your continued support as we work towards improving Loves Park!

It's official


Thank you for your continued support over the last 20 years as I have served our community as Alderman. I have decided not to seek a 6th term for the Loves Park City Council. I am deeply appreciative of the trust you placed in me. Over the years I have accomplished much, but now feel my talents are needed to improve the City Clerk's Office and again ask you to place your trust in me to improve our City and services through the Clerk's Office. This is only the beginning, but your overwhelming support is helping to strengthen our community once again. We have a lot of work ahead of us going door to door these next several months. I made it a point to announce early to allow another community minded resident the opportunity to serve as Alderman. I leave the First Ward in great condition for our next representative to continue to work on the foundation I am leaving and it is my hope someone is elected that will have that same energy and care for our Ward. 

Alderman Little has officially filed his petition for the office of City Clerk. Thank you to the hundreds of Loves Park Citizens who signed and continue to support Alderman Little's candidacy for City Clerk. Working together we can improve the quality of service and communication to the public. Your ongoing commitment and support will go a long way to ensuring a better Loves Park for all of us.

Loves Park City Clerk

Petition Filed 8am, December 14, 2020

Thank you,

 Ballot Placement Lottery